Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our New Journey

Our new journey in life began April 21, 2010. We packed everything we could fit into the back of our truck and headed east for Kentucky! 1,600 Miles and 26 hours later we arrived to our temporary home. I just have to say....I LOVE it here! It is sooo beautiful! The people are soooo friendly.

BELLA is adapting very well to all the new changes in her life! She does ask on a daily basis if she can have a playdate with all of her friends that live FAR FAR AWAY! She misses them very much! Bella had an encounter with a couple of “brown” kids as she calls them. We were at the park playing and there was a particular swing she wanted and the little boy told her she couldn’t play on it. So Bella gave him her little pout and told him she was going to through him and his sister in the CHOCKY! Haha! It was been interesting to watch her react to her new surroundings! Bella’s favorite things are:

1. When her Daddy comes home from work!
2. Going to the driving range, Justin bought Bella her first iron.
3. Bath time with Walker and Emma.
4. Grocery shopping at Kroger because they have carts just her size she can push around!
5. Family Home Evening….she will not let us forget to have F.H.E!

Bella is still confused at why Justin has to go to work EVERYDAY! As he gets ready for work Bella will ask him where he is going. Justin’s reply is “Work.” Bella…..”AGAIN!?” she just doesn’t get it!

Life is Great! We would love for you to continue with us through our new journey in life!
*pictures soon to come!


Kate said...

Hey brooke! I am glad to see a new post ha ha! I know life is crazy! Hope your doing good!

Melissa said...

Sounds like your having a great time. I always wanted to be able to move outside of Utah for awhile to see what it was like :)

The Thornley's said...

I am glad you guys are doing well! We miss you. BryLee has asked to play with Bella a lot and I keep having to tell her that you will be back this summer.Can't wait to see pics. Love you guys:)

Jeremy, Brandee and Payton said...

Glad to hear that you are having a great time! do post pics!

The Mortons said...

another post please!